* Please make careful note of timings.

Entries Closing Date: 1 July 2023 (12 noon) or sooner when our schedule is full.

  1. The competition is for amateurs. Students who are practising dance teachers, and/or hold a teaching qualification, and those who derive the main part of their income from the teaching or performance of dance may not enter.
  2. Entries will only be accepted for students at dance schools within a 75-mile radius (and the Channel Islands) on a first-come, first-served basis. See map above.
  3. Entries must be made by a dance teacher using the AED Festival Connect system, and entries may close earlier than the closing date should a maximum number be reached.
  4. Late entries will not be accepted under any circumstances.
  5. Entry fees are non-refundable unless the festival is cancelled by the committee in the event of circumstances outside of their control, at which point entry fees minus a nominal fee to cover Stripe and Festival Connect shall be refundable. In any other circumstance entry fees are entirely non-refundable.
  6. The committee reserves the right to refuse entry.
  7. Weymouth Dance Festival will not accept entries from students who attend full-time vocational schools.
  8. The adjudicator’s decision is final and no discussions or correspondence concerning such decision may ensue. Awards may be withheld if, in the opinion of the adjudicator, sufficient merit is not shown. Should there be a tie for any highest mark trophy or cup, the adjudicator will decide the recipient. This decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  9. Communication with the adjudicator or scribe concerning any matters relating to the competition by entrants, teachers or other interested parties prior to or during the competition may lead to disqualification.
  10. The age of entrants is taken on 31st August in the year of the competition. Accuracy in birth dates is essential. Incorrect age may lead to disqualification and, in cases of doubt, a birth certificate may have to be produced. The age of the eldest competitor in a Duet/Trio/Quartet/Group determines the class entered.
  11. The committee reserves the right to combine classes when entries are small, or divide a class when entries are large, and may make any other regulations or interpret or qualify any of these rules as occasion may arise.
  12. No performer may enter the same class more than once in their own age group for each solo section.
  13. At this festival all Contemporary solos (Contemporary Ballet and Contemporary) will be danced in one section. Dancers may only enter one solo in this section.
  14. For Cabaret Duets each entrant may only one Tap Duet and one Musical Theatre Duet, but may dance both a Lyrical Duet and a Modern Duet (but not two Modern or two Lyrical Duets).
  15. Classical Duets have been split into two sections: one covering Character/Greek/National and the other covering Classical Ballet/Modern Ballet/Stylised Ballet/Contemporary. In these Classical Duet sections a dancer may enter two duets per section, i.e. Greek and National or Character and National, but not all three.
  16. Trios/Quartets are split into Classical and Cabaret. A dancer may enter two Cabaret Trios/Quartets (i.e. Modern and Tap, or Tap and Musical Theatre) but not all three, and any three Classical Trios/Quartets from Classical Ballet, Stylised Ballet, Modern Ballet, Global Dance, Greek, Narrative/Character, and Contemporary.
  17. Solo dancers may not be substituted, but in the event of the unavoidable absence of a partner, one substitute will be allowed in a duet, two in a trio/quartet and three in a group. The organisers must be advised of any changes a minimum of 2 hours before the class.
  18. Each school may enter two groups in each group section. There are two group sizes: Small Groups (5-10 dancers) and Large Groups (11-24 dancers). The maximum number of dancers on stage in a group is 24.
  19. Teachers must include names, ages and dates of birth for all group members with their entries. Entries will not be accepted without this information.
  20. Performers must dance in correct programme order and it is the responsibility of entrants to report backstage at the appointed time. Timings of classes in the programme are for guidance only and competitors should be ready to dance at least 30 minutes before the appointed time.
  21. Time limits must be strictly adhered to. Any dancer who wishes to go forward to All England, must abide by All England timings. Timing will begin at the first note or word of the accompaniment or first movement of the dancer, whichever occurs first.
  22. Other than for baby classes (6 yrs & under), a re-dance may only be permitted at the discretion of the adjudicator or if the music malfunctions.
  23. Novice classes – these are for competitors who have never been placed first at any festival in the section they are entering. Entrants in novice classes are not eligible to enter the open class in the same dance discipline at this festival. Novice classes do not qualify for All England Dance Regional and National Finals.
  24. In novice classes it is at the discretion of the adjudicator how many competitors may progress out of novice sections.
  25. Pointe work is not allowed for any entrant under 13 years old or in any novice class.
  26. Fixed taps (single sound) only may be used for Tap dancing.
  27. Gymnastic dance is permitted, provided that it is combined with a Modern dance technique (but not in Lyrical). Please see guidance notes regarding genres of dance at the end of the rules section.
  28. Tabs will not be available for groups.
  29. We only accept music added electronically in MP3/MP4 format into the Festival Connect system. The deadline for music will be confirmed with teachers. There is an official sound system for the use of competitors. This is the only recording equipment allowed side-stage. All music must be clearly labelled when submitted online, with the name of the competitor and the class number. Teachers are responsible for the quality of the recording, which is taken into account by the adjudicator. ALL COMPETITORS SHOULD HAVE BACK-UP CDS AVAILABLE OR THEIR MUSIC TRACKS AVAILABLE ON A MOBILE PHONE AT THE FESTIVAL. No responsibility will be accepted for CDs not collected after the section.
  30. It is the responsibility of the competitor to set backup CDs ready to play. All discs should be clearly marked. DO NOT USE RE-WRITABLE CDs. The organisers do not accept any responsibility for incorrect playing of any CD, except in the event of equipment failure.
  31. Teachers are responsible for any change of volume required during the playing of music. Backstage committee members will not be responsible for the volume of the music. Teachers please take note in Musical Theatre and Tap classes.
  32. If pre-recorded music is used in any Musical Theatre section it must not include any singing or chanting. Pre-recorded music used in Tap sections must not include any recorded tap or similar sound effect.
  33. The festival does not accept liability for the infringement of copyright, recording or performing rights arising out of any competitor’s accompaniment or performance. It contributes to a Group Licence to cover payment of fees for the use of recorded music at its events. Teachers and Choreographers using music created from commercial recordings are advised that they are themselves responsible for seeking permission to re-record from the recording companies concerned.
  34. A short synopsis not exceeding 30 words will be regarded as part of an announcement to a dance.
  35. The stage and stage wings are out of bounds to all except authorised persons and entrants about to perform. Authorised persons are those appointed as stewards and officials by the Weymouth Dance Festival and teachers accompanying students.
  36. The stage is not available for rehearsal at any time.
  37. Parents and teachers are reminded that the safety of young people in their care is their responsibility during the Festival.
  38. The Bay Theatre will be open one hour before the start of the first class each day.
  39. Dancers will not be allowed in the auditorium in costume unless their costumes are covered.
  40. Weymouth Dance Festival has a zero-tolerance stance towards phones or tablets being used in the auditorium. Photography or recording in the auditorium is strictly prohibited, except for the official photographer. Any adult or child attempting to use their phone, film or take photographs will be removed immediately from the auditorium and excluded from the rest of the festival. May we remind you that parents are responsible for the behaviour of their child throughout the festival, including in the auditorium.
  41. No food or drink is allowed in the auditorium.
  42. Public access into the auditorium is by the main door only where valid tickets/wrist bands must be shown.
  43. Teachers’ photo passes must be applied for by emailing and stating teacher names, dance school name and attaching a head and shoulders photo of each teacher. A maximum of two teacher passes per dance school will be permitted for named persons. If passes are not applied for, free admission to the auditorium will not be permitted. On applying for a teacher’s pass a passport-style photograph must be supplied to be printed on the pass. Photo ID will be required to collect and sign for the pass from the reception desk.
  44. The Festival Committee cannot accept any responsibility for property left at the venue during the festival.
  45. In the years that this festival is a qualifier for All England Dance, the qualifying mark for AED regional finals is given in the class schedule.
  46. Classical and Stylised Ballet must be danced in the Ballet section and ballet shoes must be worn.
  47. Bullying or any form of intimidating behaviour towards dancers, teachers, volunteers or committee members will not be tolerated and may result in exclusion from the festival.
  48. The Committee is unable to schedule classes in line with individuals’ requests.
  49. Certificates will be awarded as follows:
Certificate of Performance75-77A performance limited in its communication
78-80A performance showing development of technique and, or communication
Merit81-83​A capable performance showing some artistic appreciation and, or technical ability
Commended84-86​A convincing performance technically and artistically
Distinction87-89An excellent performance technically and artistically
Outstanding90+An exceptional performance both technically and artistically

Certificates will be available at the end of each session but no earlier than 30 minutes after completion of a class. These will only be handed to dance teachers or nominated person(s) in their absence. Teachers, don’t forget to nominate someone! Please also provide a SAE to send any left over reports after the festival.